the ninth dimension

The book is Volume 3 of the "light technology book series" and is aimed to those who are active members of SEOS or know in them that they will implement light technology on planet Earth.

ISBN-13: 9783756808670
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the light-based human body

This book is aimed to people who know that they are active members of SEOS or that they will implement light technology on planet Earth.

ISBN-13: 9783756862818
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when the energy-based plane opens up to you

As awareness expands, boundaries dissolve, perspectives merge, and increasingly (and naturally) a picture of the big picture emerges. A fact that challenges you on the one hand, but also equips you for any future tasks. This book is Volume 1 of a four-part book series on the topic of light technology.

ISBN-13: 9783756845514
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the energy-based dimension of money

If you are on your own personal process of becoming fully aware and your personal vibration frequency has increased to such an extent that your holistic system changes levels and you are henceforth subject to the energy-based dimension and its laws, you will find yourself faced with completely new challenges. On the one hand, you will be detached from the world economic system and many of your previous material-based tasks and, on the other hand, you are now completely subject to the energy-based laws and as a result your entire life behaves significantly differently. Also the money aspect. This book is aimed at those people who know within themselves that they need the content for themselves personally and with regard to their future tasks. May the book serve you!

ISBN-13: 9783756837151
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SEOS English version

SEOS is the human - literal translation of the energy signature of the planetary unification of all current habitats and realms on planet earth and this book is aimed at those people who know within themselves that one of their future tasks is intercultural mediation and cooperation in the preparation of a constructive coexistence of the energy-based and the human inhabitants of planet earth.

ISBN-13: 9783756800285
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being healed

If you are not completely healed, you are not completely grounded in yourself. If you are not completely healed, the world seems as if a fine gray veil lies over it. The fulfilling and lively depth is somehow missing. To be whole means to be essential. Finally! However, getting there requires some patience and perseverance. May you walk it, the path to the state of being completely healed? However, please check first (very consciously!) within yourself whether this one book can actually support you on your very own path to complete healing.

ISBN-13: 9783755767480
Preis: CHF 29.00

an energy-based covenant

The energy-based covenant is an energy-based love relationship between two people of the same natural size. It is lived in the materially based human habitat, is completely subject to the energy-based laws and the main goal of this connection is the personal development and personal fulfillment of the two people involved. The energy-based covenant serves as the foundation for your joint and individual (big!) work in the context of future tasks.

ISBN-13: 9783756209309
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old times israel

There was a time when Israel was synonymous with "new beginnings" and, if you like, also a bit with a conscious "turn of the era". A people (and thus also individuals) who, in the midst of an extremely difficult, dark and negative time, had the courage to stand by what they carried within themselves; Respect for life and its laws, purity, natural orders and natural ways of life. And so, with this book we would like to contribute on the one hand to consciously clarify a certain part of human history on this planet and on the other hand to emphasize those aspects that were implemented and lived at that time. This, with the aim of consciously strengthening you and thus the current "people of the conscious and commissioned" (we call it that here, which cannot really be formulated in human words).

ISBN-13: 9783755757177
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book energy-based work theory and practice

This book is aimed at people who know within themselves that energy-based work will be one of their future tasks and who therefore need the content for themselves personally and for their future work. May the book serve you!

ISBN-13: 9783755794844
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book the energy-based realms volume 5 the realm of natural beings

The earth has lost its balance. It got sick and suffers. This suffering inevitably affects all of its residents. Yet, most of all, it affects humanity. People, who are significantly involved in the current desolate situation. People, who are thus responsible for changing the current situation in a positive way. This book is aimed at a specific group of people. People who are ready and able to take responsibility and consciously contribute to restore the balance and thus to restore the holistic health of planet earth. People who reintroduce the natural orders into human society and thereby build a sustainable foundation for a natural and healthy human life. Highly developed people thus, who have successfully completed their personal tasks for this one incarnation and therefore have sufficient time and space to turn to global tasks.

ISBN-13: 9783755738831
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book the energy-based realms volume 6 the energy-based realm atlantis

Maybe you feel like many other people: You carry the energy of Atlantis in your heart. Pure and clear. It's part of you, kind of. Yet, it is part of your longing for a holistically healthy and natural (human) life. Something that can currently, not necessarily often, be found on planet earth. The era of Atlantis contained many dark sides. However, it also embodied a lot of light. During this era, many great things were created and implemented on planet earth. You were there, back then. Yet, you still carry this knowledge and all the skills that you acquired back then within you. Knowledge and skills that human society, here and now, urgently needs. Knowledge and skills that you yourself (urgently) need for your future tasks.

ISBN-13: 9783754337530
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book the energy-based realms volume 4 the energy-based realm of the fairies

A fairy being is an independent, autonomous being that is capable of creating that life for itself at any time that optimally serves him here and now. Himself, his personal development and the intention for this one incarnation.

ISBN-13: 9783754307571
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book old times lemuria

This book writes about the era of Lemuria. It thus supports people of gaining access (again) to their own former lives in this time. In addition, the book will introduce people to the subject of energy-fields and forms of energy and their (lasting) effects. The new era urgently needs people who are not only aware of these components but can also use them masterfully.

ISBN-13: 9783753442969
Preis: CHF 29.00

book the energy-based realms volume 3 beings of the elements

Truth in and of itself is independent of written or spoken words. It is independent of the competence of the teacher or author confirmed by others. Truth is also independent of any professional opinions or technical expertise. And so, it is no different on the energy-based level than you know it from the material-based dimension; not everything you read or hear is true. On the contrary. Whatever you read, hear or even perceive based on energy, should be checked accordingly. By yourself. Ideally. Yet, if you are currently experiencing a personal increase in frequency and thereby (also) increasingly grasp in an energy-based manner, it is very worthwhile not only to deal with the topic of "truth or reality (s)", but also with the energy-based level and thus to consciously deal with the aspect of energy-based perception.

ISBN-13: 9783752666960
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book the energy-based realms volume7 the energy-based realm of Avalon

If you consciously immerse into your immediate surroundings with your energy-based, expanded perception, you easily perceive that there is obviously a level around you that you cannot grasp with your physical organs of perception. This level currently attracts many people and at the same time leads to a multitude of human fantasies and thus a lot of manmade realities. What a person perceives in his surroundings by means of his expanded, energy-based perception does not necessarily correspond to the truth, because every human perceives accordingly to his very personal level of development and thus his very personal awareness. He perceives in his own level, therefore.

ISBN-13: 9783752671629
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book the energy-based realms volume 2 the energy-based realm of the elves

We may repeat ourselves, but at the same time we cannot emphasize it enough: This series of books, and with it this book, is not a general passing on information. Rather, it is aimed, consciously, at people who know that they need the content for themselves and their next task. People who have a certain high level of development, a certain high level of awareness and thus a certain high level of integrity. People who are able to receive information in a pure and clear manner and to deal with it with integrity.

ISBN-13: 9783752643893
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book the knowledge of atlantis

With the book "Atlantis in Us" we introduced you to the Atlantis then and the (energy-based) Atlantis now. We have you then, in the next book "The Wisdom of Atlantis" accompanied, in having your atlantean knowledge and your atlantean skills back in full. Now, in this book, we go a step further and enable you to get access to additional atlantean knowledge according to your personal development level and your personal awareness and integrity. However, this book is not a general information book about Atlantis, but rather, written for all those who have successfully completed their personal task for this life, knowing that they are ready for new and future tasks and knowing that they do need the knowledge of this book.

ISBN-13: 9783752606904
Preis: CHF 29.00

book the theory of light

Light, in the context of the universe, is the origin of all being. The pure source. Your origin and your roots. What you deeply are, your own inner divine self, is light. If you look at the universe and everything that is in it, ultimately everything is made of light. Thus, not only your essence, but also your body, your mind, the nature and the matter that surrounds you, they all consist of light. Light is, ultimately, the source and the main component of all life, all spiritual and all matter.

ISBN-13: 9783752604757
Preis: CHF 29.00

book the energy-based realms volume 1 the realm of the dragon

Most planets in the universe consist not only of a material part, but generally, also of several energy-based dimensions. The earth also belongs to these planets and therefore, consists not only of a material-based level and thus a material-based living space, but also just as much of two different energy-based levels and thus two different energy-based living spaces. The material-based level of the earth is assigned to the so-called material-based dimension and thus the living space of the third dimension. The energy-based level of planet earth consists of the habitat of the fifth dimension and the habitat of the seventh dimension. Whereby, the two energy-based dimensions are based on completely different conditions and laws, even if they combine the commonality of the energy-based level. So far, most people were convinced that the earth is a living space of the material-based dimension and thus left the subtle level to predominantly religious and spiritually oriented explanatory models. Explanatory models, which in most cases arise from human imagination and therefore, very rarely, correspond to the truth. The energy-based levels of the earth have no relation to any religious or spiritual realities of humans. The energy-based level of the earth is. Quite different from what people visualize in their imaginations.

ISBN-13: 9783751970938
Preis: CHF 29.00

book the wisdom of atlantis

Ultimately, wisdom is your very own personal knowledge, skills and experiences. Ultimately, wisdom is what you have acquired in the course of your many lives. Yet, with that, this book joins the book "Atlantis in us" and devotes itself in depth to the aspect of the collective Atlantean wisdom of that time. Yet, in particular to bring you more personally in contact with your very personal wisdom of that time.

ISBN-13: 9783751967327
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