Taschenbuch Becoming a Master Book 5: Being Master

In the last volume, we wrote about your own personal stand and its acceptance and conscious embodiment. A decision that has changed your life permanently. Well, here in this volume, we would like to talk about a very official name and thus about a very official status: the Master.

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Taschenbuch The energy-based dimension

It seems to us that some people are getting to know the Galactic Federation of Light. Therefore, we decided writing some books about it. This one is the first. May it serve you. You personally!

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Taschenbuch The energy-based dimension

The Earth increases its frequency and with this the material-based (so called thirth) dimension opens its frame. Humans therefore gain access to the energy-based dimension of the planet Earth. To its opportunity and to its challenges. Yet, what exactly are they?

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Taschenbuch We are together

The earth is currently, it seems the habitat of matter. A place where humans studies and lives within this habitat, the material aspects of life. They do so, believing that all aspects of this planet are material and therefore subject to material laws and thereby create a reality that is within their frame of thought, truth. However, it is not, that this reality is true. After all, the planet is just as much a habitat of energy and there are currently at least as many energy-based living beings on Earth as there are material ones.

Therefore, it seems time for people to become aware of the other dimension as well.

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Taschenbuch Becoming a Master Book 4: Socialization

You have walked courageously and persistently and have now adapted to the new conditions in the land of the new era. However, you will have confronted repeatedly with new challenges and we would like to talk about them in this book. Your frequency has increased again and this allows you new skills and abilities. Therefore, we also talk about them. May this book be a helpful companion for you.

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Taschenbuch Master of Creation

You create your reality. Every thought you think, every feeling that you deepen, creates (material) correspondences. However, the process of creation happens often unconscious and therefore, you usually have very limited access to your own power. Nevertheless, humans do create their realities and thus, their own life, ultimately. Even if they do it unconsciously.

Still, some people want and need to know and so we decided writing this book. The aim of this book is to lead you to capture the process of creating reality and making it available to conscious access. If you really want to, this book will be your impulse and foundation to be on your way to a self-determined and independent creator of your own reality and thus of your own present life.

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Taschenbuch becoming a master book 3: implementation

When energy-based and material-based realities are synchronized, this allows the land of the new era to take hold. A land of effortless freedom, abundance and beauty. A country in which there are again laws that have to be grasped. This book introduces you to the new time and lets you consciously take them..

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Taschenbuch becoming a master book 2: synchronization

Synchronization usually takes place whenever two different systems meet and remain in the energy field of the other for a longer time. The two systems are approaching each other. In Book one, we have shown the differences between material-based reality and energy-based reality. In this book, we will deepen these differences. At the same time, we speak about synchronization and thus fusion of the two realities. A condition in which we, together as embodied and ethereal pioneers, put into words and thus make tangible what will happen more and more on this planet.

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Taschenbuch becoming a master book 1: transformation

The earth is in a time of transition. A time that could not be more challenging. In almost every area of life, it becomes apparent that the past has reached its expiration date and it needs new ways. They are not yet obvious, because you can only find them outside the usual patterns of thinking and so far, only a few people dared to think beyond the known. The book is aimed to people who are on a very personal path of awareness and therefore, leave the usual norms and structures more and more behind them. People that open up for the new time and therefore, for new ways and solutions.

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Taschenbuch Money does change

Money is one of the aspects that is changing rapidly on planet Earth. A condition that makes insecure, raises many questions and often causes anxiety. Something that does not have to be, money just starts to move outside of the usual norms and ways of thinking. By the way, other things do this progressively as well. Money is currently an extremely important component of every day life. Therefore, we think, it makes sense to deal with it in more detail with the new modes of action.

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Taschenbuch seven steps: becoming yourself again

The Earth is increasing its frequency and changes from the third to the fifth dimension. These means hat the Earth and the humans are changing their habitat and this, in turn, has a huge impact on the entire planet, yet very practical to your own life as well. At the time now, not many people are aware oft what is actually happening there, yet and if they sense it, they often do not understand the changing situations and the occurring phenomena. We would like to change this, among other things with this book. You should know, understand and grasp, whom you really are and what is happening in this challenging time.

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Taschenbuch seven steps: becoming yourself again

Becoming yourself (again) is one of the master-key to live a healthy and fulfilled life in abundance. Get involved with yourself. Much deeper than you did before.

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