book the energy-based realms volume 1 the realm of the dragon

Most planets in the universe consist not only of a material part, but generally, also of several energy-based dimensions. The earth also belongs to these planets and therefore, consists not only of a material-based level and thus a material-based living space, but also just as much of two different energy-based levels and thus two different energy-based living spaces. The material-based level of the earth is assigned to the so-called material-based dimension and thus the living space of the third dimension. The energy-based level of planet earth consists of the habitat of the fifth dimension and the habitat of the seventh dimension. Whereby, the two energy-based dimensions are based on completely different conditions and laws, even if they combine the commonality of the energy-based level. So far, most people were convinced that the earth is a living space of the material-based dimension and thus left the subtle level to predominantly religious and spiritually oriented explanatory models. Explanatory models, which in most cases arise from human imagination and therefore, very rarely, correspond to the truth. The energy-based levels of the earth have no relation to any religious or spiritual realities of humans. The energy-based level of the earth is. Quite different from what people visualize in their imaginations.

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