book healthy again

Health is no accident, but rather consists of many individual factors. Factors that can have influenced in a targeted manner. Independently and self-empowered. The present book is therefore, not an information booklet, but rather, very deliberately intended as support to accompany you towards your health (again). Health is no accident, but sometimes has to have consciously searched for and reinstalled afterwards. In your own body, but also in your own life. A task that only you can do yourself. I myself have worked in medical healthcare for 35 years and have repeatedly experienced its blessing and its limitation up close. I have often wondered what helps people find their way back to health. I trained myself in a wide and varied way, tried countless things in advising and accompanying people with impaired health and learned a lot, a lot, a lot, while doing so. I would like to share this wealth with you in this book. So that, it personally supports you in being fully and holistically healthy again and becomes thus a valuable companion on your path in this regard. A path that is completely your own and that nobody can relieve you of. A path that usually takes several months, sometimes even years, but at the same time brings you back in touch with yourself, your own wishes, desires and needs. An extraordinarily wholesome and valuable way, therefore.

ISBN-13: 9783752884968
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